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Welcome to the lolicore and speedcore archive!


28/08/15 - Improved Web Directory Listing

The web based directory listing has been improved, adding a javascript based audio player. Changes are currently being made, and small issues may arise.

26/03/14 - Read Only SFTP Access

SFTP account:
By request, we now have a read-only SFTP account username ro with a blank password!

You can mount the archive and then stream the tracks on your mounted volume. On linux you can mount it using the command:

On windows I recommend the application sftp-net-drive by eldos:

10/11/13 - Tree, Rsync and Site Direction

Tree Listing:
When new releases are added a tree file is updated at: 0-tree.txt. This can make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, and what the archive is missing so you can upload it.

Since the opening of the site it has been possible to use rsync to download the files on lolicore.ch. However it was not written anywhere on lolicore.ch itself. It is easy!

To download everything in the archive into the current folder run the command:

To download a specific folder on the archive recursivly into the current folder run the command:

Site Direction:
I have a lot of great ideas for the site, but at the moment before I implement anything more, I want a very complete free label lolicore and speedcore archive. If you consistantly listen to this type of music consider joining the uploader team. You can contact me by email on admin \/\ lolicore.ch.

Thanks everyone for your uploads and comments. I do read the comments it is just a bit retarded because I can't respond! I thought the novelty of a shell script to pull out the comments from the web logs was funny. If you want a response put some contact information in your comment. I will implement a proper guestbook eventually.

17/06/13 - Anonymous Upload Account!
Protocol: sftp
Address: lolicore.ch or lolicore75rq3tm5.onion
Port: 22
Username: upload
Password: upload
If you find a lolicore or speedcore release that is missing, please upload it and it will be validated and moved into the archive.

19/02/13 - Site Launched
To leave a comment, create a request in the browser to /comments/<your comment here> and i will extract them from the logs.

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